Health & Dental Clinic

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Building Health & Dental Facility in Uganda, Africa

Hands for an African Child is building a health and dental facility which will begin construction in 2023. We are currently taking donations to help us fund the construction of this building as well as operate the clinic.

The health clinic is essential for the residents of our community and the children that attend our schools.  It will be the center of medical and dental outreach programs for health clinics and hospitals in our region
. It is common for medical and dental professionals to come to impoverished communities on "mission trips".  Our community has a building, the "Meinzer Guest House" that will accommodate these types of groups.  So, not only will this health clinic impact the lives of the orphans who live in our village, but people who live in the surrounding communities.

To contribute to the health center that will be built next year, or any of our
projects visit our donation page. If you have any questions about the funds or our projects, don’t hesitate to contact us
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