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The Village Drill is a revolutionary manual bore-hole technology that allows for the creation of new water wells at a significantly reduced cost. Using this method improves water quality, which significantly reduces water-borne diseases, which helps both adults and children. Further, more water wells allow children, particularly girls, to attend school more often as they are not hauling water as far for their families.
WHOlives currently operates in 20 countries with 55 drill teams and over 1200 completed wells. They focus on helping people by providing technical and economic solutions that create opportunities for a sustainable impact, especially for women and children.
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The Bright Water Foundation brings safe, inexpensive water treatment to Ugandans. Brightwater currently has a successful program in Kenya in the Lower Nyakach District teaching, testing, and treating drinking water at the household level. Their methods have resulted in the reduction of cholera and dysentery by 40-43% in this region of Kenya. 
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