Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:
Provide orphaned African children with homes that have both a mother and a father preparing these children to be self-reliant adults.
Orphaned children living in forever families led by both a mother and a father.  
Raising orphans in sustainable, farm-based communities for orphans in loving families with a mother and a father who care for them as their own.

Implement practical, sustainable solutions and technology to provide clean & safe food and water.

Provide educational opportunities to develop skills in entrepreneurship and technology. 

Assist these families and their community neighbors to establish sustainable, African-based businesses with the help of outside (US/foreign) seed investment.
Teach children the essential roles of motherhood, fatherhood, and family responsibility.

Train children for jobs and careers that will break the cycle of poverty.

Bring methods of clean water, sanitation, improved agricultural techniques, and personal hygiene to neighbors in extreme poverty.
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